Aluminum Saws

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We offer a great variety of saws and equipment variants for nearly every requirement including precision cutting of lengths and angles. Our range of saws includes saw blade diameters from 280 mm to 650 mm.



With our double mitre saws, cuts are made using the outer dimension, which means that profile tolerances are automatically excluded from the cutting length. You can use the optional PC controller to conveniently import the required cutting data from common spreadsheet programs via a network or a USB port.



When developing our saws, we placed a special emphasis on a low-vibration design and very high precision as well as exceptional robustness and guaranteed durability. Planning for long-term, economical production must always take the people involved into account. This is why ergonomic workstation design is one of our top priorities. This is also one of the top features of our saws, as their unique ergonomic design is unparalleled on the market.



All of our saws can be loaded and unloaded ergonomically and operated without fatigue. The process of continuous optimisation combined with our many years of experience form the basis of our expertise.


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