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    Flap Discs and Grinding Solutions

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    The perfect polish for each surface: Eisenblätter

    Over 30 years in engineering is a long time. That is how long Eisenblätter has been developing and manufacturing hand-held grinding machines and abrasives for surface grinding and finishing on non-ferrous metals, iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, rigid plastic and wood. Over this time the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise, which is demonstrated by better quality, more economical and powerful equipment and abrasives.


    Eisenblätter has set standards for established grinding technology with a number of innovations.  

    Over 80 protective rights, both in Germany and abroad, protect Eisenblätter’s unique expertise.


    In the late seventies Eisenblätter developed the first zirconium-based flap discs for high speed angle grinders and today we can supply a superlative abrasive in the form of the MAGNUM® COOL TOP®, ZIRCOPUR®, which offers unbeatable performance in terms of material removal, grinding quality and service life.


    In 1976 Eisenblätter the inventor of the longitudinal grinder was awarded a patent for it's ”LFS 100”, the first multi-functional grinder for high quality sur-faces. Some decades later our current longitudinal grinder is the POLY-PTX® 500, with it's wide range of grinding tools for the most diverse applications, the machine has become an essential helper in metal construction, engineering and especially in the stainless steel industry.


    A recent development of Eisenblätter is the PLANTEX®. A grinding flap disc made off hemp-fiber high-tech compound. It is just as powerfull atwork as our MAGNUM® discs but environmentally friendly, self-trimming, easy to dispose of and very safe to work with.