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Bodor is No.1 exporter of Fiber Laser Machines in China


International Brand, European Quality, Intelligent Manufacturing in China


Listed company, serving the world
(Offering more than 150 countries and regions)




G Series


Ground-rail Large Format Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

G Series cut metal plates of a wide range of areas. High security & performance come along with intelligence.





Active Anti-collision Function

Expert High Speed Cutting Database

Gas-saving Nozzle with Steady Flow

Protective Light Curtain on the Crossbeam

Pyramid Structure Crossbeam





S Series


A Cast Iron Bed Lasts Forever

Mold pouring, clone production;
integrally formed, reject splicing The pearlite increases 20% strength and hardness of parts. Tiny graphite sheets inside, which are distributed in the pearlite matrix, provides higher structural rigidity and excellent damping effects and creep resistance. The whole structure keeps small deformation and low vibration while having ultra-high acceleration and speed in processing, which offers an extremely-high machine accuracy. This will effectively reduces iteration cycle and cost .





Pyramid Crossbeam

Use aviation grade aluminum alloy. The whole pyramid stable structure is anti-twist, anti-overturning and owns the best mechanical properties. Hive-type cavity design can separates internal and external stress effectively. The dense structure of ultra-high pressure plasticity production raises strength into a high level, achieves the lightest weight with best rigidity, ensures high speed and high accuracy.




Unbounded Cutting

Only need to press one button to start, sparing the need for repeated adjustments, reducing operating difficulty and making cutting convenient and practical.

After checking the box on the interface, you can start leftover material cutting process, reducing material waste and overall cost.

Six plans (as shown in the pictures) are offered to help all kinds of plate cutting, once again upgrading our machines’ practicability.


Ultra High Speed

200m/min linkage speed, 4G linkage acceleration and Z axis response speed is speedy and efficient, reduces use cost


Light Edge Searching

Flash Positioning

1-3s to complete edge searching and positioning, 6 times as fast as capacitance edge searching.

Ultimate Precision

Apply smart sensor system to achieve ±1.0mm comprehensive positioning precision and 0.1mm max cutting precision, improving both material usage rate and product passing rate.

Safety and Reliability

Use digital processing to avoid the risk of probing collision of the following module, guaranteeing the safety.

High Applicability

Widen the application situations, suitable for not only standard rectangle sheets but multiple sheet shapes.


Smartly choose vortex process according to the material and its thickness, sparing the need for repeated adjustments and reducing operating difficulty.


Remove the slag produced during perforation to the greatest extent, making sure that the cutting edges are smooth and intact.


Greatly improve stability of cutting follower, and prolong service life of nozzle and ceramic ring.



Bevel Cutting

Multiple combination of control system and mechanical device, bevel cutting at any angle within 0-45°.

Realize the bottom side or bilateral round off sharp edges, diversified incision forms, Applicable to a variety of application scenarios.

Automatic Nozzle Changer

Adopting abundant and accurate control system can realize automatic replacement of nozzles according to different materials and thicknesses, saving manual replacement time and improving processing efficiency, smart and convenient; Newest automatic calibration and cleaning functions can achieve fully automatic laser head calibration and nozzle cleaning, reducing the repetitive manual work; High-precision drive system provides a reliable replacement precision and stability to ensure that every replacement can be perfectly safe. Fully enclosed protection of the whole part improves the safety of parts and personal.



The working area is more than just displayed

All-around Protective Covering

Full protection and encirclement

Isolation of laser radiation pollution

Automatic soot collection

Ensure the operation area is clean




Double Fast Exchange Tables

Fast exchange of two tables greatly improves efficiency. Rack and gearwheel transmission
system has better rigidity and higher accuracy, saving feeding time.




Brand New Modular Platform

Modular platform framework solves deformation problem caused by heat and facilitates parts replacement.